Day to Day Living Made Easy

Welcome to Brew and Brush.

We're here to help you, or someone you know, with everyday life. Our time is well spent and will be tailored to suit the needs of the individual, even down to walking the dog.


Our Definition of 'Brew'

Care and Companionship
Outings and Respite
Smiles and Support
Tea and Friendship

Our Definition of 'Brush'

Cleaning and Tidying
Shopping and Cooking
Running Errands

2016 Rates:

Initial visit (approx 90mins) To ascertain needs and requirements

Visits thereafter (minimum of 60mins)
£15 per hour

Subsequent visits during the same week
£10 - £15 per hour depending on the requirements during the visit.

Companionship and a general catch-up
£10 per hour
Cleaning and light gardening
£12 per hour
Outings, shopping and cooking
£15 per hour

*Visits outside a 5 mile radius of Hazelmere, HP15 7HE - £20 per hour*

We want to make sure that you know what you're getting, that's why we make sure that there are no hidden charges or fees.
These prices include travelling costs.

Why Brew and Brush?

Before moving to Buckinghamshire, I worked in a private home for residents and visitors with Alzheimer's and early-onset dementia. My work was challenging and very rewarding. I worked with many vulnerable folk on a one-to-one basis, trying to engage them in activities to raise a smile at a time in their life when the world had become very confusing.

Six years ago, I became co-owner of Caramel Square - a bustling coffee shop at the heart of a village. Over the years, our loyal customers have become friends who share their stories. These stories can sometimes be of hardship and struggles, and I found myself wanting to help on a practical level, as well as just lending an ear. So Brew (put the kettle on and listen) and Brush (get stuck in and 'do' something) was created - and my aim is to help those who just need 'someone'. Someone to listen, care or help on a practical level, when day-to-day living has become a little too tough to handle alone.

Maybe I can help?

Sarah - founder of Brew and Brush

Area's We Cover

Currently we're here to support people who live in
Amersham, Hazlemere, Holmer Green and Prestwood.